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v8.1.5 Metronic Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Nulled

Metronic Nulled

Adaptive and multi-functional admin panel template, equipped with Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS blocks. Metronic Nulled can be used for any type of web application: Custom administration panels, e-commerce servers, CMS, CRM, SAAS. Metronic Admin Panel Theme Nulled has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro and a flat. Balanced design that makes your project appealing and friendly.


Extended license Info for Metronic Template Nulled: Single extended license can be used for single end product. If you want to sell end product to multiple clients. Then you will need to purchase separate extended license for each client. So, the same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup).

Metronic Nulled Features

  • Bootstrap 5 – CSS & JS Framework
  • Gulp – Task Automation
  • Webpack – Module Bundler
  • Babel – JavaScript Compiler
  • NPM – Package Management
  • Yarn – Dependency Manager
  • Sass – CSS With Superpowers
  • HTML5 – As Cornerstone
  • CSS3 – Design System
  • VueJS – Progressive JS Framework
  • Vue I18n – Internationalization
  • Vue Router – Routing Solution
  • Vuelidate – Seamless Validation
  • Vuetify – Material UI
  • Element Plus – Powerful UI Library
  • React
  • React Bootstrap
  • Redux – State Container
  • Create React App
  • React Router – Route Anywhere
  • Redux Saga
  • Angular
  • Angular i18n
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular Material
  • Angular Router
  • RxJS – Reactive Extensions
  • Laravel – Starter Kit
  • Mix – Compiling Assets
  • Blade – Views & Templates
  • Guzlle – HTTP client
  • Composer – Dependency Manager
  • Axios – Ajax & HTTP Client

Download Metronic Admin Panel Template

According to some top reviews, Metronic Free Download is an incredible & magnificent admin template. Because, the code is well-organized and has a very rich quality. As a result; it is fast as well as modern. Thousands of web projects have been successfully deployed over the years. Thanks to regular updates and professional technical support.

Metronic Demo